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Welcome to JubileeScape

Will Rogers said it well: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Ensuring our clients make the best possible impression has been the everyday goal over the past 15 years for JubileeScape. Our team? We call them Impression-Makers, and they represent some of the highest credentials and training in the business. Not to mention, a combined passion for design, color and plant health that ensures your business or home makes a spectacular impression.  Leading-edge technology means we can ensure real-time quality control and maintain our promise to you.

As the leading landscape construction and maintenance company in the region, we serve commercial and residential clients along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

Growing Community

We’re committed to a culture of growing… and giving. Our partnerships include school gardens, butterfly pollinator initiatives, coastal cleanups and more. The JubileeScape Impression-Maker team works together not just on the job but in the community building appreciation of the outdoors.