Our Impression Makers

Our Impression Makers

Robin Luce

Robin H. Luce / President

Robin’s genuine love of nature comes naturally – for one who grew up along Mobile Bay.   Fishing the bay and its rivers, watching the sun set over the wharf or catching a rare “jubilee” were the hallmark of days enjoyed outdoors for his large family with multiple generations along the Mississippi and Alabama coast. After graduating Louisiana State University with a degree in Business in 1977, he returned home to Mobile and joined the longtime family funeral home business. Managing more than 100 acres, groundskeeping and landscaping skills grew along with an innate passion for horticulture.

In 2004, Robin and Anna purchased the maintenance division of Jubilee Landscape – with roots as a 1970’s startup that grew into the dominant construction and maintenance company in the region. Rebranding the company to JubileeScape, Inc. – the Luce’s grew operations, scope of services and client base with a commitment to premium design, construction and installation.

Robin is a licensed General Contractor for the State of Alabama; an Alabama Certified Landscape Professional; Alabama Professional Landscape Plant Professional; Ornamental and Turf Pest Control Licensed Supervisor, and past-president of both the Rotary Club of Mobile and Mobile Botanical Gardens. When not spending time with his family, you’ll often find him tending his own spectacular garden at home in Point Clear.

Ronnie Gauthier

Ronnie Gauthier, Jr. /Mobile and Daphne Area Account Manager

Ronnie has been an Impression-Maker since 2008, and found the green-collar industry a fit for his natural love of working outdoors. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University, Ronnie’s landscape installation and construction skills were honed as a construction manager before joining JubileeScape.  Ronnie is an Alabama Certified Landscape Professional and EPA WaterSense partner.

Why landscaping? “Seeing a customer’s thrill with the finished product and knowing my company’s work is seen throughout the community.” Favorite plant or tree? The crape myrtle – just reminds me of the Gulf Coast. But please don’t butcher with crape murder. Strangest critter on the job? A flying squirrel. If he could add anything to our Gulf Coast landscape? Aspen trees. And this jolly soul would be… a Christmas tree if he had to choose. “I love everything about Christmas, and my yard depicts that at Christmas time.”

Brant Taylor

Bryant Traylor/ Gulf and Eastern Shore Area Account Manager

Bryant joined the JubileeScape team in 2008, and is the familiar face to customers throughout Spanish Fort, Daphne, Montrose, Fairhope and south to condominiums and homes along the Alabama gulf coast.

With a family tradition – father and both grandfathers – in farming, Bryant turned to “urban farming” and a career growing turf, trees and shrubs. Managing thousands of acres of row-crops from corn to cotton to peanuts? A breeze compared to the intricacies of irrigation, fertilization and…. moving a palm tree four stories to a swanky condo pool? You betcha. Next time you catch him, ask Bryant about the royal palms hoisted by crane to the lazy river at Turquoise Place, one of JubileeScape’s most challenging and eye-popping projects!

Bryant is a graduate of Auburn University’s renowned Horticulture Program, with a BS in Agriculture Business & Economics.  His many credentials include: Alabama Certified Landscape Professional; Urban Forester; Certified Irrigation Contractor; Alabama and Florida Certified Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Supervisor and Commercial Fertilizer Applicator;   Florida Green Industries Best Management Practice; and a Certified EPA WaterSense Partner.

Thoughts about landscaping? “I like seeing the improvements in a customer’s property from the time we begin the job, whether new maintenance or a brand new installation. Looking back after the job is completed to see not only how we’ve improved a client’s landscape but increased a property’s value is really rewarding.”  Fun fact? Bryant was a member of a men’s quartet.  Favorite plant?  The sea foam camellia.  Oddest critter on the job? The wooly oak aphid that covered a live oak in what looked like dryer vent lint.  And if he were a tree? This proud Auburn grad would be… the oak at Toomer’s Corner.

David Schmohl

David Schmohl/ Landscape Design and Installation Manager

David leads the JubileeScape design team, where you’ll find his work dramatically featured each year at the Providence Hospital Festival of Flowers and other high profile displays around the coast.

David holds a BS in Horticulture/Landscape Design from the College of Agriculture at Auburn University, and joined JubileeScape in 2016 after many years owning his own landscape company.

His design skills are backed by many of the industry’s highest credentials including Alabama Certified Landscape Professional,  Alabama Ornamental and Turf Pest Control Supervisor, and an EPA WaterSense Partner.  When it comes to landscape lighting, David brings certification as a Vista Landscape Lighting Professional – representing the industry’s leading architectural  and residential lighting company.

Riley Hutchinson

Riley Hutchinson / Gulf Area Operations Manager

Riley’s smiling face and can-do attitude has been making impressions with us since 2016.  With a father that drew him to the green industry at the tender age of 9, Riley fell in love with a career that “allows me to work with my hands and admire a finished product.” He’s one of JubileeScape’s 12 Alabama Certified Landscape Professionals, with additional credentials in environmentally sensitive landscape tactics from the Florida Green Industries Best Management Practice program.

Oddest critter on the job? With an “office” along the beaches and yards of the Alabama coast, Riley has seen plenty of alligators and beautiful blue herons. Any plant he’d love to see thrive here? Apple trees. Most challenging assignment?  The pool at Turquoise Place.  JubileeScape removed all dirt from the planters along the 4th floor lazy river and replaced with fresh rooftop soil, plants and palm trees. Stopping traffic and managing a crane made for a memorable afternoon!  If he were a tree? Consider Riley a Medjool Date Palm.  And when he’s not making landscape impressions, he’s tinkering on cars and trucks.

Jan Blakerby

Jan Blackerby / Operations Manager

Jan is one of the newer members of the JubileeScape team, joining us in 2018 after many years managing one of the south’s most prestigious landscapes at Birmingham’s Shoal Creek Golf Club.

With an Associate’s Degree in Horticulture from Bessamer State Community College, Jan brings additional credentials as an Alabama Certified Landscape Professional, and State of Alabama Setting of Landscape Plants Professional Operator.

Favorite plant? Rosemary… I love the fragrance.  Oddest critter you’ve encountered on the job? A beaver and a muskrat. What do you wish our customers knew?  “Culturally correct selective pruning and irrigation management. With a healthy landscape, it’s all about water.”  What plant would you like to see thrive here? The Mountain Hemlock Tree.  Most challenging assignment? “For Shoal Creek Golf Club, we dug 50 4’ caliper oak trees with a tree spade at the owner’s farm, transported them to the course, and installed in strategic places to make the course more challenging for the 1984 PGA Championship Tournament.” Jan’s work must not have fazed Lee Trevino, who walked off with the trophy!

Chad Blake

Chad Blake / Mobile Operations Manager

Chad has helped manage operations in Mobile since 2016, with a career in landscaping that began in high school.

Describing a “love for all plants”, Chad’s focus is creating and implementing designs with a passion for enhancing old outdated landscapes. If he could advise our customers on one thing?  “Too much water is much worse than not enough! Most everyone over-waters.”  If anything could thrive here, he would love to see Dogwood trees make a return.  Favorite flower? Alabama’s state bloom – the Camellia. Toughest assignment? The demolition and reconstruction of a brick patio. And if he were a plant? This independent operator would be a giant cactus.

Tim Cox

Tim Cox
Plant Health
Gulf Area Operations

Jeremy Lazzari

Jeremy  Lazzari
Mobile Operations

Don Frank

Don Frank
Landscape Construction Manager

Dave Paton

Dave Paton
Business Development Representative

Kelvin Essex

Kelvin Essex
Plant Health Technician