Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Once a new landscape is installed… we have a hard time letting it go. We’re vested in the health and welfare of your property from the first begonia to the last blade of grass! Whether a fresh installation or your existing landscape, the JubileeScape management plan includes fertilizer; mowing and edging; tree pruning and hedge shearing; mulch and weed control; soil testing and interpretation; lawn care and turf aeration; irrigation; seasonal flower installation; insect and disease control and more.

The professionally uniformed JubileeScape Impression-Makers arrive on site for every service – not subcontractors. We’ll review your scope of work, needs of the property, and find a plan to fit your budget. A JubileeScape account manager will work with you along the way as our certified landscape technicians, irrigation specialists, landscape designers and plant health professionals formulate a plan and get to work.

With the industry’s leading-edge sitefotos ™ technology, we’re able to track and treat plant health issues seamlessly with the quickest turnaround in the business. The cloud based app allows our technicians to spot problems in the field, send images directly to a manger to schedule treatment, and then add the “plant health alert” to a customer project file for follow up.

Seasonal Flowers

Spectacular color that blooms each season is the upside of our semi-tropical Gulf Coast climate. Heat? Yes, indeed. But the Alabama, Mississippi and Northwest Florida Gulf Coast is gifted with greenhouse-worthy flora year-round.

With the industry’s best horticulture training and more than a dozen Alabama Certified Landscape Professionals among our team, we understand the flowering seasons for plants that thrive in our area and those that simply won’t. Nutritional requirements, sun and shade, soil pH and many other factors play a part in our strategy for your home’s year-round color.

Fertilizer & Pest Control

We’re committed to healthy plants… and people, too. JubileeScape follows Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – a holistic philosophy that minimizes the use of harmful products with a disciplined approach of regular inspection and training in plant, insect and disease life cycles. We prioritize certified organic lawn care products, horticulture oils and soaps. Cool shade and inviting yards should be a safe haven for children, pets and families, too!

Seasonal Color

Mowing and Edging

Mow and blow? Not us. JubileeScape’s superior equipment and seasoned associates ensure a surgical approach to trimming up your yard.

A sharp job means sharp blades – and we check for proper sharpness when the morning begins and throughout the day. Mower height is another essential – and we adjust carefully according to the type of grass. We take pride in equipment that makes an impression, too – with the very latest top-brand edgers and mulching mowers that return clippings to the soil to save on fertilizer use and unneeded trips to the landfill.

Pruning and Hedge Shearing

Bad practice in pruning and hedge shearing stands out like a sore thumb. Don’t even mention the dreaded crape murder to our team… Other criminal offenses are shrubs and hedges thick on the top and so thin in the interior you can see through them.

Pruning at the outside of the shrub canopy is the culprit. It causes them to grow so thick at the canopy that vital sunlight can’t penetrate. Diseases and insects proliferate. Just as often hedges are sheared into unnatural appearances that concentrate growth in the top branches, blocking sun and air from the interior. They also must be pruned properly on the inside for health and beauty.

We take the same care with hedges. Rather than creating a growth spurt at the top of the canopy by shearing it quickly to save time they thin hedges by choosing interior branches to cut back to a lateral branch, a lateral bud or the main trunk. New growth follows in the interior of the plant giving it a full, healthy appearance.

Mowing Edging

Mulch and Weed Control

Fresh mulch with crisp edging, distinctive color and unique texture makes an impression and also contributes to a healthy landscape. Mulch helps maintain moisture and prevents weed seeds from germinating by shading them from sunlight. When weeds do sprout, they are easier to remove if there is a thick layer of mulch. Decomposing mulch also provides necessary nutrients for plants.

Mulch control and placement of pine straw in winter months is always part of a JubileeScape maintenance checklist.

Soil Testing and Interpretation

Soil testing is the Gold Standard of horticulture. Chemistry helps us solve problems that often have frustrated homeowners and property managers for years. An example? One customer replaced the sod on a portion of her lawn several years in a row. By the end of each year that bright green fresh sod was brown and dying. Another landscape company suggested trimming the trees to let more light reach the turf. But a few months later, the sod died yet again.

We took several soil samples, had them tested by Auburn University’s Soil Testing Laboratory and explained the results to the homeowner. After treating deficiencies in the soil, the longtime eyesore patch of lawn became a focal point in the owner’s landscaping!

At JubileeScape, soil testing is inexpensive, results are available in a few days and treatment can start immediately.

Plant Health

Good plant health is vital to making an impression. Healthy plants are also economical, as they don’t require replacement or treatment with expensive chemicals. We’re passionate about plant health – often the most overlooked aspect of landscape maintenance. Plant health is reviewed during maintenance visits and in scheduled visits by JubileeScape plant health experts.

And with sitefotos ™ , we have the technology to keep your impressions… impressive. In three simple steps, JubileeScape can track and treat plant health issues from a technician’s observation in the field to a manager for immediate prescription for treatment and follow up.

Plant Care

Turf Care and Core Aeration

Healthy lawns aren’t just a surface situation. Besides irrigation design and maintenance, JubileeScape is skilled in soil aeration – often a solution in late spring and summer to revive your turf in our Southern climate.

Aeration is the process of creating openings in the lawn to help air, water and nutrients move into the soil down to the grass roots, alleviating compaction and reducing thatch. Jubileescape’s core aeration equipment uses tines to gently remove columns of soil and deposit on the surface so the ground below can begin to gather what it needs to thrive again. Understanding the needs of a variety of soils and working around complex irrigation systems takes a unique expertise: we have it.

Irrigation Maintenance

Broken sprinkler head? Dry patch? Need an entire irrigation zone reworked? Whether our own installation or your existing system, we handle the wide variety of challenges posed by irrigation sprinklers and controllers. As a Rainbird ™ Certified Partner, our crews are equipped with top-rated diagnostic equipment, wire trackers, electrical fault locaters, remote controllers and service vehicles stocked with all we need to complete repairs promptly, efficiently and with certainty.

Turf and Lawn Care