Lighting & Irrigation

Lighting & Irrigation

Landscape lighting turns your property’s daytime wonder to a nighttime wow… that definitely makes an impression. Whether pathway lights, up and accent fixtures, step lights, bollards or in-ground fixtures – we can bring your outdoor living spaces to life beautifully after the sun goes down. JubileeScape is a Certified Vista Landscape Lighting installer, representing the leaders in architectural and landscape lighting. Vista’s broad line of styles, finishes and fixtures are American-Made and share JubileeScape’s commitment to sustainability with energy-saving LED systems.

Landscape lighting is a bright addition to either residential or commercial landscape design. Focal points stand out and become more beautiful. Architectural features are accented and buildings gain a warm resort-like feel. Landscape lighting extends the time you and your family enjoy outdoors, creates safe passageways through yards or up stairways, and offers proven security by deterring potential intruders.

Irrigation Control Systems

Don’t wait until your ground is brown. Irrigation systems and controllers today manage water flow according to real-time weather, include complex zone capabilities based on unique lawn and landscape needs and much more. Best of all? Irrigation controls can link to a mobile phone or computer meaning you’re ready to tweak what’s happening in your yard no matter where you are. Just-right watering? JubileeScape has an app for that.

We offer turn-key residential irrigation services including installation, management, repairs, upgrades, start-ups and shut-downs as well as weekly inspections. . As an EPA WaterSense™ Partner, JubileeScape is committed to water efficiency in our own practices and the systems we install.

As Certified Irrigation Contractors, we’re trained in all aspects of water from comprehensive sprinkler heads to drip lines, traditional or smart controllers that put your yard in your pocket. We’ll help you decide on the best option for your property whether you need a brand new installation or upgrades to an existing system.

Water Audit

Water is precious to all living things, especially plants. Lawns and shrubs that aren’t receiving enough water are easy to spot but lasting solutions require training and experience. JubileeScape associates are trained to know why plants don’t receive the water they need and how to solve it. With a comprehensive water audit, we analyze types of soil and plants, grasses and shrubs, design and condition of existing irrigation systems, operation and timing of sprinklers, root depths as well as control systems. Solutions may be as simple as using the proper mulch to preserve water. We’ll find the culprit and get it right.

Construction and Installation

JubileeScape offers irrigation construction and installation whether your own design or ours. Following Irrigation Association guidelines, we look for ways to ensure access for routine maintenance, methods to avoid damage to tree roots or other yard elements, and to avoid damage from lawn care equipment or freeze. Control valves are placed in a buried valve box with easily accessed cover. All wiring used is rated for burial applications. Sprinkler coverage areas and the turn of each nozzle are all examined thoroughly during a final system check… ensuring quality to the last drop.

Irrigation Maintenance

Maintaining your irrigation systems is healthy for your landscape… and the community. Why? Landscape irrigation soaks up more than half of the water provided by most utilities on the Gulf Coast. A poorly maintained system means much of this water never reaches its intended source and is lost to runoff, evaporation and deep watering below the root zone. Irrigation system maintenance reduces wasted water, pollution from run-off, and ensures the goal of the system to begin with: a beautiful healthy yard!

Our irrigation maintenance program checks for signs of problems such as constantly moist areas, erosion or dry patches. As a Rainbird ™ Certified Partner, JubileeScape’s irrigation specialists are equipped with top-rated diagnostic equipment, wire trackers, electrical fault locaters, remote controllers and service vehicles stocked with all we need to complete your repairs promptly, efficiently and with certainty.