Landscape Construction & Design

Landscape Construction & Design

Landscaping adds value – not just to your home but your enjoyment of life. Lush beds and lawn are a relaxing respite when arriving home at the end of the day. Cool shade encourages your family to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. A thoughtful design, effective irrigation and detail-driven maintenance plan are core features of a JubileeScape home. From idea to installation, we’re ready for your vision whether simple or complex. Let’s get to work!

Landscape Design

JubileeScape designers approach each plan with a combination of art and science. Art brings out a site’s beauty, while science ensures that beauty follows the seasons and lasts a long time. When properly chosen and cared for, ornamental bushes for example can last for generations.

Our design team also realizes not every beauty thrives in our climate. Selecting the right plants for this semi-tropical Gulf Coast area is key to less maintenance and long-term plant health. JubileeScape looks to native plants and proven winners: we believe an impression should be a lasting one.

Irrigation Design

The right amount of water in the right place for the right amount of time is essential to ensuring that beautiful new design lasts. We use advanced Rainbird ™ systems that allow you to control your irrigation with an easy app from a phone or computer. Unlike traditional controls, we can adjust your sprinkler run times according to that day’s weather forecast. Hot and dry? The system kicks into longer watering cycles. Cool and damp? Run times are decreased to only what your plants require. Smart controllers save precious water, eliminate runoff and wasted fertilizer, reduce fungus problems and keep weeds to a minimum.

As an EPA WaterSense ™ Partner, we incorporate the industry’s best practices in systems designed to manage the amount, location and duration of water while considering factors such as bushes, grades, walkways, trees, pavement, and outdoor living spaces.

Our irrigation designers personally examine each site and work with you on the unique needs of your lawn, trees and plants. Ensuring minimal maintenance and convenient access for repairs is another priority, with JubileeScape maintenance crews always alert for broken sprinkler heads or other damage.

Mobile was recently crowned – once again – the rainiest city in the US. But five feet of rain a year (yes!) still leaves us with parched yards during brutal summer months. We’ll fine tune your system for the right balance – and a beautiful landscape.