Commercial Landscape Services

Commercial Landscape Services

An exterior that’s uncared for, lackluster design, weeds and overgrown grounds don’t offer an effective welcome mat. Proactive landscape maintenance ensures your property’s beauty, customer appeal, and adds value to your asset. Not to mention, quality maintenance saves money over time by keeping the small things from becoming the big things that can only be solved at much greater expense and heartburn.

JubileeScape serves a wide variety of commercial entities across the Gulf Coast including:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Apartment Communities
  • Municipal Buildings and Airports
  • Retirement Communities
  • HOA’s and Condominiums
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Retail & Office Buildings

Our landscape management includes all outdoor maintenance of your property: fertilizer; mowing and edging; tree pruning and hedge shearing; mulch and weed control; soil testing and interpretation; lawn care and turf aeration; proper irrigation techniques; seasonal flower installation; insect and disease control and more.

The JubileeScape Impression-Makers arrive on site for every service – not subcontractors. We’ll review your scope of work, needs of the property, and find a plan to fit your budget. A JubileeScape account manager will work with you along the way as our certified landscape technicians, irrigation specialists, landscape designers and plant health professionals formulate a plan and get to work.

With the industry’s leading-edge sitefotos ™ technology, we’re able to track and treat plant health issues seamlessly with the quickest turnaround in the business. The cloud based app allows our technicians to spot problems in the field, send images directly to a manger to schedule treatment, and then add the “plant health alert” to a customer project file for follow up.