Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Proactive year-round landscape maintenance ensures your property’s value, customer appeal, and beauty. A strategic plan is good for your bottom line as well, by ensuring small problems are tackled and handled before becoming a serious issue.

So when is the best time to prune, trim, replace beds with new color, or fertilize to keep that turf a brilliant green? Even more important – do you have the staff or time to handle yourself? It takes manpower and know-how to care for and manage property landscapes and outdoor environments. JubileeScape’s comprehensive commercial maintenance program has you covered!

  • Year-Round Seasonal Color Installations
  • Environmentally Friendly Disease and Pest Control
  • Turf Care and Lawn Aeration
  • Mowing and Edging
  • Pruning & Hedge Shearing
  • Mulch & Weed Control
  • Soil Testing & Interpretation
  • Plant Health & Property Inspections
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Startup and Maintenance
  • Storm Cleanup

Year-Round Seasonal Color

Your grounds are the first thing people see and form an opinion on. Whether an apartment community, HOA, condominium, hotel, office complex, retail or industrial complex; it’s critical to realize the landscape’s role in defining your image. Seasonal color plantings offer the most impactful “pop” for a fantastic impression!

Our team knows the flowering seasons for plants that thrive in our Gulf Coast area and have the experience to highlight each plant’s unique color, texture and size. Plant nutritional requirements, sun and shade, soil pH and many other factors play a part in our strategy for your landscape’s seasonal color. We use a variety of annuals including caladiums, coleus, sweet potato vine, lantana, vinca, celosia, salvia, snap dragons, dusty miller and many more varieties from several long-time nursery partners.

Environmentally Friendly Disease and Pest Control

To keep commercial landscapes in peak health, we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This holistic philosophy minimizes the use of harmful products with a disciplined approach of regular inspection and training in plant, insect and disease life cycles. IPM results in fewer chemicals, less expense, and a more sustainable strategy by reducing and eliminating potential chemical run-off. Many of our commercial clients lie in the watersheds around Mobile Bay including Dog River, Weeks Bay, Dauphin Island, and coastal waters along the beach – so we’re committed to our role as environmental stewards.

Many of our team members are credentialed in the stringent two-year Alabama and Florida programs for environmentally sensitive landscaping tactics, fertilizer treatment and management. In addition, we prioritize certified organic lawn care products, horticulture oils and soaps.

Turf Care

There’s lawn care…and there’s lawn maintenance. We’re seasoned at both, with graduates of the Auburn University Horticulture Program and credentials from the Alabama Turfgrass Association. Lawn care involves the science of grass – including fertilization, weed management, disease and pest control. Lawn maintenance is the trimming and edging to keep your turf in shape.

Mow and blow? Not us. JubileeScape’s superior equipment and seasoned associates ensure a surgical approach to trimming your grounds. With soil testing and analysis, we can prescribe specific solutions. Whether your turf needs aeration to regain health, fertilizer, seeding or other tactics – green is our thing.

Plant Health

Good plant health is vital to making an impression. Healthy plants are also economical, as they don’t require replacement or treatment with expensive chemicals. We’re passionate about plant health – often the most overlooked aspect of landscape maintenance. Your commercial landscape maintenance plan includes our plant health experts making routine stops for inspection.

And with sitefotos ™ , we have the technology to keep your impressions… impressive. In three simple steps, JubileeScape can track and treat plant health issues from a technician’s observation in the field to a manager for immediate prescription for treatment and follow up.

Irrigation Maintenance

Keeping the grounds of your commercial property green and growing takes regular care and most essentially – proper watering. And with the Alabama/Northwest Florida area ranked the wettest spot in the country – nearly five feet of rain a year – too much water is just as much a problem as not enough! We’re trained to understand and manage the difference.

An automated commercial irrigation system is like insurance for your landscaping. When properly designed and installed, irrigation systems are the most reliable, water efficient way to ensure plants and turf receive the water they require without waste.

We offer the irrigation industry’s leading cloud-based solutions and strategies as a Premium Rainbird ™ Installer. “Smart Irrigation” controllers use environmental sensors to adjust sprinkler run times according to that day’s weather forecast – unlike traditional controls. Hot and dry? The system kicks into longer watering cycles. Cool and damp? Run times are decreased to only what your beds require. Smart controllers save precious water, eliminate runoff and wasted fertilizer, reduce fungus problems and keep weeds to a minimum.

As a Certified Irrigation Contractor and EPA WaterSense Partner , JubileeScape incorporates leading edge strategies and technology into new systems. You can expect a comprehensive on-site consultation, thorough assessment of your property’s unique needs, and a customized solution. If yours is an existing system that needs some TLC – we’ll work with you to find the issues, trouble shoot and repair.

Our specialists are equipped with top-rated diagnostic equipment, wire trackers, electrical fault locaters, remote controllers and service vehicles stocked with all we need to complete repairs promptly, efficiently and with certainty.

Storm Cleanup

Severe weather poses a unique challenge to commercial properties on our stretch of the Gulf Coast. Our team is ready to respond quickly for debris removal and cleanup, with a vast backup labor force and longtime relationships with tree companies and container haulers. Most of all, we have the experience to prioritize needs and strategies in a crisis to ensure the safety of your residents, renters or patrons.

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