Impression Making Services

Impression Making Services

Horticultural Consulting

Much more than just a college degree program for many of our Impression-Makers, horticulture represents the art and science of gardening…. and appreciation of how things grow.

What are you looking for and what kinds of designs will work best? We’ll develop a plan that’s beautiful, easy to maintain, long lasting and practical. With existing landscaping, we’ll make an impression working with existing shrubs, flowers and grass. Perhaps a new maintenance technique such as pruning the inside branches of shrubs and hedges will open up plants to sun and air. Smarter use of fertilizer and water may turn a flat lawn to fantastic. Every situation is unique. Call us!

Weddings, Parties & Other Events

Landscaping is an important backdrop to weddings, parties and outdoor events. Need to impress? We’ll listen and work with you through advanced planning for special features from set up to tear down and cleanup.

Storm Clean-up

Thunderstorms and even hurricanes are part of life on the Gulf Coast. We understand the value of your landscaping – and can respond quickly with the right equipment to remove debris and prevent further damage to lawns, trees and shrubs. With our network of additional contractor partners, we’ll handle the mess and restore your home or business landscape quickly and economically.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is serious business. A mature oak limb can weigh thousands of pounds and punch a hole in your roof, driveway or walkway when it falls or is improperly cut off. Safety and prevention of damage to buildings, landscaping and driveways must be priorities. We partner with tree removal experts who know the proper and safe tree removal processes and have the right equipment for almost any job. Working with professionals means entire trees or heavy limbs are removed safely without any damage to your landscaping, home or other buildings. Our commitment isn’t just tree removal, but a site so attractive you won’t miss them.

Centers of Attention

JubileeScape’s special effects experts can help you decide what will set your property apart. Looking for a center of attention in your backyard design? How about shaped hedges, dramatic trellises, courtyards or a custom fountain? Railings, statues, stone walkways, attractive landscape pavers in unique patterns, landscaping rocks, stone walls and more…. the options are endless!

Special effects don’t have to be large to be special. Often something small and cozy like a sconce that makes a plain outside wall attractive along with seasonal blooms is just the touch that says this landscaping is as special as is the business or home it represents. Let JubileeScape come up with a feature just for you.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees do well in our semi-tropical climate, but require special care. Sadly, palms are often mistreated by maintenance crews who don’t understand their needs. JubileeScape’s Gulf area maintenance team knows these royal beauties need a variety of nutrients to thrive in our sandy soils. The solution? Slow-release fertilizers designed uniquely for palms. We check for diseases regularly, treat promptly, and approach pruning with care.

Conventional landscape wisdom would remove only dead fronds; however, there are times healthy fronds must be pulled to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. We prune carefully to ensure all involved are healthy and safe.

Drainage Design and Installation

Proper landscape drainage is vital to attractive, healthy plants. It prevents puddled water that can lead to plant disease, erosion that can destroy landscaping and flooding that can damage buildings and hardscapes. We look for economical solutions to drainage challenges, such as extended downspouts to help water flow away from buildings. Modern irrigation controllers also measure moisture and monitor rain to prevent systems from over-watering