From its roots in a coastal Alabama startup in the mid 1970’s that grew into the dominant landscape construction and maintenance company in the region, JubileeScape today offers the highest credentials and training possible in the business of landscape construction, residential and commercial landscape maintenance, fertilization and irrigation, landscape design and horticulture.

A singular passion is the role we play in the front lines of environmental stewardship and sustainable landscape practices. This beautiful Gulf Coast area is our home as well, and we’re committed to its outdoor health. JubileeScape is an EPA WaterSense partner, and certified in both Alabama and Florida’s intensive programs for Green Industry Best Management Practices. You’ll find our team active in service projects and initiatives from school gardens to coastal cleanups whether land or water.

JubileeScape Core Values:

  • How we do it is as important as what we do.
  • Pay attention to details with immediate follow up.
  • Listen to the customer. Every plan and project is unique.
  • Find a way to make an impression – every time.

Make an Impression

Making an Impression requires a culture of excellence – a culture we’re constantly growing with fresh training, professional partnerships and certifications. Our educated management staff and trained field workers understand the little things become the big things when it comes to how your home or company makes an impression.

How do we keep that promise? Our crews use a comprehensive checklist to review each job before and as they work. Opportunities to make an impression might include picking up a stray piece of debris before mowing. Ensuring your property is left better than we found it: immaculate is the goal.

Our Impression-Makers are the front-line ambassadors to our core values. We celebrate a job well done in-house and on our website or social media, where you’re likely to find a post from a project or something they’ve seen out on the job. Get to know them!

Technology to Keep your Impressions… Impressive

In three simple steps, JubileeScape can track and treat plant health issues seamlessly with the quickest turnaround in the business.

Cloud-based sitefotos allows our technicians to spot problems in the field, send images directly to a manager to schedule treatment, and then add the “plant health alert” to the customer project file for follow up.