Brightening Your Commercial Landscape

Brightening Your Commercial Landscape

Posted on: January 3rd, 2022

A Smart Resolution for 2022

If you’re a business owner, you’ve already invested in your brand image. Whether a logo, uniform or truck design, or an ad campaign – you put your company in the best light possible.

Your building and grounds are also part of that brand image. In fact, your brand extends out the door until your client can no longer see your business. All to say, commercial landscaping is a welcome mat that makes a huge difference. Not just for clients and customers but for employees as well.

Ensuring your look is colorful, well-tended and neat might just make the difference in a customer stopping by and one who decides to just drive by.

Evidence consistently supports the benefit of commercial landscaping. A study from the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences found shoppers will travel a longer distance, spend more time, and more money at businesses with a high-quality tree canopy. With Mobile Bay’s magnificent old oaks – we already have a head start!

That same study discovered high employee satisfaction when their company invested in commercial landscaping. Whether viewing nature and a healthy outdoors from their desk or as they walk outside, the study found employees less frustrated with their job tasks throughout the day. In addition, employees were more patient and held an overall greater enthusiasm for their job. Don’t forget: trees are a great buffer against outside noises such as traffic or construction, which can become distracting to both your employees and your customers.

Yet another study from the Texas A&M Agriculture and Life Sciences program found plants promote concentration and memory for those surrounded by them. Higher accuracy within the workplace, more organization and a relaxed atmosphere were all linked to neat, colorful commercial landscaping.

Mobile’s own legendary botanist E. O. Wilson fathered the concept of “biophilia,” or an understanding of how we need nature for our mental and physical health. Architects and community designers are incorporating that philosophy with more thoughtful green space in public areas and within buildings themselves. Simply put, we need nature in all aspects of our lives.

Are your grounds measuring up to the brand you envision? Make sure to consult a commercial landscaper who understands the appropriate grass, trees, or shrubs ready to thrive in your location. A smart plan includes sunlight, irrigation, foot traffic and durable plant selection. The benefits to your team, and your bottom line, are well worth it.