Does Your Company Have an Effective Welcome Mat?

Does Your Company Have an Effective Welcome Mat?

Posted on: June 28th, 2021

For a business, investment in your landscape is more than just an attractive welcome mat to your customers.  A beautiful environment is known to increase productivity by workers and create a fresh, positive atmosphere for employee wellness.  Biophilia – the concept coined by Mobile’s own brilliant E. O. Wilson – means we need nature as an essential part of a healthy life. 

With thanks to Will Rogers… you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  What is your business telling your customers?  Weeds, overgrown shrubs and cracked sidewalks don’t convey a very positive message.  

Our commercial landscaping team partners with you from planning to pine straw.  Whether a small business needing fresh beds and turf, or a commercial complex with parking area islands, trees and seasonal color – we consider budget, goals, and the ability to maintain effectively.  

What should your business landscape plan include?

  • Lawn Care – fresh healthy turf that’s cut and trimmed weekly
  • Edged Curbs and Beds to keep the look crisp and trim without debris or loose clippings
  • Tree & Shrub maintenance with regular pruning
  • Seasonal Color that keeps your beds fresh and bright
  • Weeding –   our drenching summer rains leads to weeds that run wild if not kept in check
  • Mulching – ensure beds are maintained with mulch or pinestraw for a finished look
  • Insect & Pest Control – keep mosquitos and other pests from annoying customers and damaging your landscape
  • Safety – that last thing you want is an injured customer. Are sidewalks cracked or slippery from damp debris? Are tree branches dangling? 
  • Outdoor Lighting that sets your property apart with an evening glow providing warmth, beauty and safety

Installing a beautiful commercial landscape won’t last long without one essential ingredient: water.   An irrigation system ensures the right amount of water in the right spot. Our certified irrigation technicians are trained in top-of-the-line RainBird ™ smart systems with zone timers and weather sensors that pause spray when rain is detected.  Studies find you can save up to 25% on monthly water bills by upgrading timers and replacing nozzles with rotator heads that ensure correct run times for every nook of your property. 

Your JubileeScape account manager, certified landscape technicians, irrigation specialists, landscape designer and plant health professionals will customize a plan to add not just beauty but bottom-line value to your asset. Not to mention… a colorful hello to residents, customers and employees!