Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for Hurricane Season?

Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for Hurricane Season?

Posted on: August 3rd, 2021

Now is the time to review and update your hurricane prep plans and take any preventive steps with landscape maintenance. This includes giving your business’s exterior attention too. It seems like we all watch the storms and hope they’re going to go in a different direction, but once we realize that we are at risk, it’s too late to do much. Many trees were damaged from last year’s hurricanes and may be developing rot. If tree work is in order, now is the time to deal with it. The same goes for drainage. 

Here is a breakdown of considerations to prepare your commercial and residential landscapes:

  1. Remove rotting or damaged branches to keep them from falling in strong winds. Don’t go too far: leave healthy branches alone and keep cutting wounds minimal. 
  2. If you are replacing trees, consider installing trees that tolerate hurricanes better than most – Live Oak, Magnolia, Cypress and Sabal Palms.
  3. Check drainage areas and remove debris from storm drains to make sure water pathways are clear. Standing water can loosen root systems and lead trees to fall after storms.
  4. Downspouts can be tied into drainage systems to get water away from buildings.
  5. Sprinkler systems should be turned off. The smart systems we install today have automatic weather sensors that will handle this chore for you. If irrigation systems continue watering, plant roots are overwhelmed, disease is likely, and saturated soil with high winds will uproot trees.   

As we have with other big storms, JubileeScape will be responding immediately to the needs of our   customers. We work with a network of tree service partners to ensure a safe return to your home, commercial and multi-family properties as well.  

Stay ready… and safe!