Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center – Mobile, Alabama

With a large, sprawling property situated between a high-traffic roadway, active railroad and busy riverfront – the Mobile Convention Center is a high-profile but high-challenge assignment.

JubileeScape’s landscape installation and maintenance work over the years has kept an eye to the kind of colorful wow needed to impress and welcome visitors to our city. We installed raised color beds, and found creative tactics to ensure water control. Passers-by and transients damage both irrigation elements and plants, so we responded by installing colorful low maintenance knock-out roses and sun-hardy new guinea impatiens. Our ImpressionMakers routinely check for litter that often drifts in from the river traffic nearby. Maintenance schedules are worked around events to ensure visitors and event-goers enjoy our city’s welcome mat… without noticing the work buzzing behind it.