Turquoise Place – Orange Beach, Alabama

One of the gulf coast’s signature vacation condominiums, Turquoise Place radiates blue across the sugar white beaches of Orange Beach, Alabama. The rooftop lazy river however didn’t offer the premium look the rest of the property is known for. The solution? Palm trees!

But… how to re-work the existing landscape and haul several gorgeous coconut palms – nearly 60 feet each – up four stories to the pool?

Under a very tight timeframe with vacation-goers coming soon, JubileeScape’s biggest challenge was the existing planters that were compromised and leaking water. Our crew had to remove the existing plant material and then by hand nearly 200 cubic yards of soil from the planters so they could be water proofed.

Next, we refilled the beds with an engineered soil produced for planting beds. Once refilled, we repaired the irrigation and replanted the beds…. Along with the gorgeous new palms.

Coordinating and blocking traffic, creating a safe work space, and putting the trees in place was a massive undertaking with every Impression-Maker on deck. All work was completed on time.

The result? A gorgeous show-stopping pool draped in tropical shade. Talk about an impression!