Smart Irrigation Systems are Smart for Your Wallet Too

Smart Irrigation Systems are Smart for Your Wallet Too

Posted on: April 28th, 2021

JubileeScape is a proud partner to EPA’s WaterSense program, with an ongoing commitment to conservation-minded water practices. Landscapers are on the front line when it comes to water management, as the EPA reports up to 50 percent of the water used in outdoor irrigation in this country may be going to waste.  That wasted water takes a toll on the environment and the pocketbooks of millions of Americans. 

RainBird ™ is the industry leader in smart irrigation systems, and our installers are certified to the highest RainBird standards. Beautiful lawn and responsible water use should go hand in gardening glove.  Keeping your water consumption to a conservative level is a better choice for the health and appearance of your turf – with overwatering one of the deadly sins we see in far too many customers. 

What is a Smart Irrigation System? 

Smart irrigation systems are a combination of advanced technology with sprinklers and nozzles that improve coverage. Irrigation controllers and monitors detect moisture-related conditions and automatically adjust watering to optimal levels. In other words – smart systems take the guesswork out of your landscape’s water needs. 

We install weather-based smart irrigation technology that can help you save water.

Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Technology

Also known as ET-based technology, a weather-based irrigation system includes either a mini on-site weather sensor capable of monitoring conditions including rainfall, temperature, and sunshine (solar radiation) on your property, or this same information may be transmitted to the irrigation controller from a remote weather site. Typically, these sensors are small enough to mount discreetly on a building, fencepost, or other object. Wireless communication keeps data seamless between the controller and sensor.   

Add-on controllers are proven to save up to 25 percent on water usage when professionally installed and calibrated as part of a well-designed system. Depending on your local water rates, a smart panel will more than pay for itself within a couple of years or less. 

Other controllers offer integrated weather-based technology that calculate plant type, soil type, exposure, slope, and sprinkler type. While more costly, water usage often decreases by 40 percent, and plant health improves exponentially.   

We Can Help

New technology is just part of the conservation picture, with proper installation and a master plan critical to irrigation success. JubileeScape’s irrigation technicians will plot your property with zones to keep landscape beds and grass programmed separately; ensure sprinkler pressure and placement; analyze soil type, condition, and slope; and create a specific plan based on your unique plant requirements.

Ready to wade into smarter water solutions for your landscape? Call us for a free consultation!